September 2 – Saturday

It’s a good thing I went to sleep so early – when I woke up at 12:07 am to visit the WC it seemed that almost the entire camp was still up. A hoard of young girls were congregated at the entrance, sitting all over the steps and inside on the counters. When I left I actually had to say excuse me to get one of the little brats to move so I could go down the steps. At the same time another woman was trying to get in and had the same problem.

I had just gotten settled back at the tent again when the singing from the bar started. It sounded like a bunch of drunk men singing an anthem, or maybe a football club song – over and over. It would be quiet for a few minutes, then start again. It might have been different songs, but kind of sounded the same to me – very loud and a bit out of tune. I think they must have finally packed it in around 1:30.

When I did get up just after 7:30 it was a beautiful, if cool morning. I did yoga then had a nice breakfast inside the campervan. I rode into town around 11:30 to get a haircut. The town is on one of the main routes of the Camino – there are hostels everywhere, and folks with walking poles all over the place.
I had looked up on ‘google translate’ how to ask for a haircut (and written it down on a flash-card), so I would be understood or if I had to ask for help finding a place. I did find the salon that I’d looked up online, but the lady indicated she was too busy. She did, however, try – without speaking any English – to direct me to another place that might be able to help me. I rode down and around a bit, then found the other salon on the main street. That lady said she couldn’t help me right away, but then wrote down ‘12:45’ and I understood that if I came back then she’d be able to fit me in.

Rode back to the main square and sat outside drinking an 80 cent glass of local red. Popped across the street to the market in case it closed for a 3 hour lunch, then back to the cafe to finish my wine. There was some sort of running race happening – they had barriers up and were stopping traffic as runners came thru – men and women.

Got back to the salon in time to look thru a couple of hair magazines. I picked three pic’s of possible cuts and showed them to her – I told her (using gestures) that I wanted it very short and that the colour wasn’t good any more, so she chose one of the cuts and got to work.

It might be the shortest my hair has ever been – most of the faded purple colour is gone and the top now blends in with the sides and back.
Rode back to the campground – Colin says the cut looks ok. We went up to the bar just before 3 and got them to put the Vuelta on the big screen for us. Several Spanish men also watched, but none of the boys that were there were interested – they were all absorbed with their various screens – phones, ipads, whatever.
When I went to do the lunch dishes I tried to turn on the light above the sink and it wouldn’t go on – Colin discovered that we had blown a fuse (trying to power up all of our devices while we had electricity).

Later on in the ‘wi-fi area’ of the bar I managed to spill a whole glass of wine all over the table and floor – without breaking the glass. I went to the bar and tried to tell the bartender but he didn’t understand – he pulled out his phone and when I repeated what happened into the phone it translated it. Spillage cleaned up in no time.
I wanted to go for an evening swim, so got into my suit and headed to the pool – gate locked. A group of folks were outside the bar, which is right next to the pool, and they told me it was 8:30 and the pool closes at 8 – rats – no swim.

Stayed up reading for a bit, and eating peanuts and chips – light out a little later than the last few nights.

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