September 12 – Tuesday

Kind of chilly, rainy morning, so didn’t do yoga – just packed up and got ready to go. We first went southwest then turned onto the A6 highway going southeast. Passed over and through mountains with lots of trees, got rained on from time-to-time, saw a rainbow over a windfarm.

We went to a campground in Carracedelo that Colin had looked up but there were signs that dogs weren’t allowed! Colin asked at reception if they would make an exception and the guy just pointed to the sign – this has not happened before and was a bit of a surprise. Colin looked up the next closest campground, which was about 20 km back up the highway near Vega de Valcarce, so he programmed that in and off we went.

We missed a turn at some point and went into a small village, where the GPS directed us up and down and around some very narrow streets to get back in the right direction.
This is a very busy area for Camino hikers – it’s part of the main route and there are hostels and cafes everywhere catering to the hundreds of hikers a day that come thru.

We did see signs for a campground, but Miss GPS told us to go up the very steep road to the right so we followed her directions. After we’d negotiated several hairpin turns she announced ‘you have arrived at your destination’ – we were several hundred feet directly above the campground we’d seen the signs for.

Drove along the narrow road until there was a spot to turn around, then headed back down. The campground is almost 1 km along a narrow dirt road and is very lovely. It’s like we’re on a farm – cows in the next field and everything, right on a creek (they call it a river, but I’d say it’s more like a creek).

Got the tent setup and had pasta for lunch, then went for a bike ride back to the village we’d ended up in by mistake. It’s a really pretty ride, and there are two supermarkets and a bread shop. Got a few supplies, then continued along for a bit before turning back. There are some cyclists following the Camino, and they all waved or smiled at me as I passed them in the opposite direction.

I rode about 1 km past the turnoff to the campground just to see what the Camino was like on that side, then turned back and returned to the campsite. Colin wasn’t back yet from his walk with the doggies, so I took my ipad up to the restaurant, which was closed. I just wiped the rain off a chair and sat at a table drinking red wine from my flask and eating chips I’d just bought at the store in the village.
There are a few other campers here – two campervans and a cyclist that arrived after us. One of the campervans has two very small dogs – a chihuahua and a baby yorkie or something, and there is a siamese cat that belongs to the campground folks. They were looking for the cat when we arrived – it was on their roof.

They have really good wi-fi at the campground so I got pretty well caught up on everything – had a long face-time chat with Dominic. Listened to TMZ-live in the tent with the earbuds, then fell asleep.

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