October 4 – Wednesday

Took the littles ones for an early walk – once again windy and chilly.
Went to the orchard and let them run around a bit, then stopped at the pub for a cup of tea – they open at 9 am, but even for me it was a bit early for anything stronger. Little Miss Mo was getting a bit fidgety so I had to chug most of the tea and get going again.

Came back home and dropped the dogs off, then went back to the pub just after noon for a cider. On the way back it was cold again so I went to put my hoodie up and noticed that my left earring was missing – damn! I searched the area for about 10 minutes but no sign of it. It’s not expensive or precious really, but I only brought a few pairs with me and it’s the second one I’ve lost. Good thing I got 4 pairs in Blagaj or I’d be down to 2 pairs and a couple of singles.

I got to have salmon for lunch but Colin had an appointment in the city centre so he missed out. He was home for a couple of hours then went out for dinner with another friend – once again he missed out on the salmon for dinner, which I had this time as a salad on a toasted bun.
Watched another show on Egypt – this time all about Ramses III. Also flipped by tennis and darts, and a program about the many brilliant inventions from ancient Greece.

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