October 10 – Tuesday

Got up at 7:00 and were on our way south by 8:15 to visit Colin’s sister. Left Worcestershire and passed thru Gloucestershire before coming to Wiltshire. Stopped at the coffee shop Pickleberry in the village of Bratton where a bunch of cyclists Colin knows gather every Tuesday partway thru their ride of the day.

Colin rode with two of them (Roger and Mick) in 1966 and went to school with another (Tom). He visited with them for a bit then they all left to continue their ride.

We headed a little further south, passed the White Horse, and met Colin’s sister Joan and her husband Derek at the Royal Oak tavern for lunch. It was very good – I had the grilled chicken.

After lunch we crossed into Somerset and drove to a nearby campground – we tried to check in but no one was around, although the gate was open. We parked the campervan and Colin phoned the campground’s office and left a message that we were there. After Colin had hooked up the electricity we tried to turn on a light and once again the fuse popped. The repairs done last week hadn’t actually fixed the problem, although at least they had added some new wiring and split off the tv and some other things so they’re not all on the same line.

I ended up doing sudoku puzzles while watching french tv with only my little camping light powered by my charger to see by.

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