Village view

Had a really nice long walk with Mo-mo after breakfast and while Colin and Neil were at the tipping place.  We went down thru the village and up the hill on the other side. Walked past the big church and partway up the next hill.

There were great views back across the valley to the medieval village – we could clearly see Colin’s pinkish house not far below the bell tower.  

EF4B7495-0298-4317-AB81-9AD86C492C95On our way back down there were two older ladies on the back deck of the church so I waved to them.  One of them came over to the gate as I passed so we talked for a bit. I told her Mo’s name, then mine and that I was from Canada.  She said Mo was cute and a couple other things I couldn’t quite understand but that was ok.

541CA6D2-50BB-4D57-940D-DDB1572888D9Back in the village we were going to stop at the other bar but it was closed so, by default we ended up at Poppy’s for a brief time.  Back up the hill at home had a late lunch – no Giro today as it’s a rest day.

2CF69EDF-935C-4EE0-B7FF-4B7D1C3DAE1DThey finally delivered the pavers after Colin called again and again and finally reached someone who understood that they just had to deliver them today.  Colin and Neil were then busy and a guy came around to suss out the air conditioning setup so I took Mo back down to the bar for a while to keep her out of the way.

Had pizza for dinner again as we didn’t make it to the store today to stock up.  Early to bed, except I read again longer than I should have.

Tuesday/15th was a bit of a lazy day for me – kept Mo inside as Colin had gone once again to Perugia and Neil was busy in the courtyard.  I tried to do yoga with Mo upstairs with me to keep her out of Neil’s way but she wasn’t happy with that. I took her for a short walk, then settled in to watch Italian tv and read.  Mo was then very happy to cuddle down on my lap wrapped up in my black blankie.

It poured rain off and on so Neil didn’t get that much done outside, but what he did do with the pavers looks great.  After Colin got home we went into Marsciano for more food and had a delicious roast chicken-breast dinner. A bit earlier to bed as tomorrow will be up a bit earlier.


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