Charity Shop Dogs

D0A47A98-9124-4A5E-B095-F7CC2041B722Colin filled up the back of the car with things for the charity shop – Mo got to ride in the back seat for once.  It was getting very hot by the time we got there – Colin dropped off his donations and we went inside the cafe for lunch before going to the book store to pick up some more reading materials.

8225F963-8471-4099-B9A2-67EA9A61CF39The ‘for adoption’ dogs were so cute – one of them was a 4 year old black griffon-labrador cross that was so sweet – more like a puppy than an adult – but he was having trouble finding his forever home.  They told us that adult black male dogs have a lower chance of adoption – I couldn’t understand that – he was just so adorable.

47077601-040C-47F4-A44C-2BE7BA2AD720The laundry I’d done earlier was well dry by the time we got home.  We watched part of the day’s Tour stage, then went down to the bar for a drink – the race is being recorded.  There were a couple of bad wipeouts on the very steep final downhill – one rider went clear over the barrier but luckily didn’t pitch down very far.

67C4302D-7A73-4EC4-8515-0DE71DCAE2FFMichele from the local cycling club dropped by – he had been in Italy on vacation for two weeks and had stayed at Colin’s house in Papiano.  He said the house was lovely – especially the air conditioning – and they went on lots of day-trips to places in the surrounding area.

Wednesday morning I stayed home while Colin went out with the cycle club – did yoga and coloured my hair.  Spent part of the afternoon packing up what I’ll be taking tomorrow.

Had really good BBQ burgers for dinner – fried onion and mushrooms, lots of cheese – very tasty.

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