Mansle again

AE70471B-BCC4-4F4D-8632-98724B68142BGot up a bit early so I had time to shower and eat a nice breakfast before tearing down the tent and getting ready to leave.  This was a nice campground – the only sound at night was the creek below me.

DA8E9D96-3B23-4904-8DA4-24A42D3B6001We got on the road before 10:00 and ended up going all the way back to Burgos before getting on the motorway north/northeast.  

We stopped in a small town for a coffee, than back on the motorway to the coast at San Sebastian.  Since we were on the toll-highway we didn’t actually go thru any of the towns or cities, which saved a lot of time.


0846BF7B-8581-4E89-9208-B60925F3018B9AC558C2-3696-4E25-B323-50661B77B4A7Crossed the (non-existent) border from Spain into France just past Irun, then skirted St. Jean de Luz and Biarritz.  The area around Bordeaux was, as usual, a bit of a bottleneck, but not as bad as the way south had been a couple of weeks ago.

Arrived back ‘home’ to Mansle just before 6:00 and threw a frozen lasagna in the oven before walking down to the bar for a quick glass.  Unfortunately they’re closed for the week for a short vacation – the nerve!

Headed back to the house for dinner and an early evening.  I quite like camping and seeing different places every few days, but it is very nice to sleep in an actual bed, and have a bathroom less than 200 metres away if needed in the middle of the night – ha ha.


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