Missing Mo

Yesterday was a bit lazy for me, although I did do yoga in the morning.  Had delicious BBQ cheese and mushroom burgers for dinner.

BDD081FD-8D2D-4B1B-A5C2-556AFA845813This morning was a little more exciting, thanks to little Mo.  Colin and I had removed my bike from the bike rack on the car, then he went out to get the car washed.  As I was getting ready to go out with him when he returned I noticed that I couldn’t see Mo out on the deck.  I called for her and she didn’t respond as she usually does.

I looked out and noticed that the gate was open – I guess I hadn’t actually locked it when I came up the stairs, although I’m sure I pulled it closed.  Mo is very tricky and must have somehow pulled it open and escaped to go look for Colin.

14167006-C9AA-4EE6-9D8D-390AF75ED80AI dropped everything, including my money belt, grabbed Mo’s harness and leash, and dashed out the door and down the stairs.  My first thought was she’d probably gone down to the bar hoping for her usual treat so that’s where I ran to. Of course she didn’t know the bar was closed but I figured that would likely be where she’d gone.

The local market was on in the square across from the bar and Mo wasn’t there either – one of the vendors knows Colin and I’ve met them a few times now.  I made them understand that I was looking for Mo and she asked the other vendors if they’d seen a little Jack Russell – no one had.

I took off next for the campground, as Mo likes to go there also – it’s next to the large field where they have the horse races, as well as the cricket ground she likes to run in.

78580249-6FF1-497A-8C04-5DB629A261B4I ran across the bridge and down to the campground – the fellow there hadn’t seen a little dog, and the delivery guy that was also there gave me a strange look – I was obviously very distressed and they must have thought I was a bit nuts.

I ran back up past the first bar again, calling for Mo and holding the harness and leash, and a car stopped.  The lady driver asked me – in French, but I knew what she meant – was this what I was looking for? And there on her passenger seat, looking happy as hell – was Mo!  I gave a little shriek and ran around and opened the door – Mo seemed very happy to see me and I scooped her up saying over and over merci, thank you, merci, thank you.  The lady told me she’d found her in front of the post office, which is on the main street.

I decided to carry her home rather than put her on the leash as I walked back up to the house.  Partway back I passed two ladies and a gentleman who saw that I had Mo – they had also seen her in front of the post office and had helped catch her and put her in the car.  They were very happy that I had gotten her back.

As I arrived with Mo in my arms back at the house Colin had just gotten home also.  I felt very bad about having left the gate un-latched but he was very non-judgemental and just happy that Mo had been found and was back home.

We drove down to Angouleme and one of the places we went was the campervan dealer – they’re still dicking around about fixing Colin’s campervan.  It’s very frustrating for Colin that the dealer wants the manufacturer to deal with it, but the manufacturer is hundreds of miles away and the insurance won’t pay for the tow there – it’s just been going in a circle and after weeks now nothing has actually been done.

F038B1C8-E806-4C8D-AFF5-E0D09CADA859After lunch at home we headed up to the town of Chef-Boutonne so Colin could take care of some more business.  Mo and I sat in a bar across the street to wait – this area also has a large population of older Brits and there was a couple at a table next to us, joined a bit later by 3 or 4 more.  I don’t know what all of the Brits around here and elsewhere in Europe are going to do when Brexit happens – they must be a bit freaked about it.

3112F88B-5DB1-413A-815E-DC50D2BD4111After Colin finished his business we drove about 1 km to a chateau that is now owned by the town and has a lovely park with a lake – there are nice walking paths and picnic tables, etc.  The chateau itself is being renovated so it looks like they’re trying to keep it from falling apart.

B0461C7C-63AF-442F-BD8D-7E23440F7AC2On the way home we passed a farm that had two donkeys and a horse in a nice large field- the horse and one of the donkeys seemed like best friends – they were all so cute and happy looking.

5DB27D73-CCA4-494B-9BBA-7C4C6991776DHad lovely lamb chops and roasted potatoes for dinner.  I don’t do much cooking here, but I’m really enjoy the eating!

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