Local Race Watching, Local Bike Ride

Yesterday I did yoga again while Colin was out for the morning with the local cycling team.  In the afternoon we drove about an hour south to the village of Bors de Montmoreau to see some of the adult riders participate in a race.

AA1CBE20-C29A-456D-B725-BF292EDC0B27The area is very pretty, as is the village, but nothing was open.  There was a nice-looking bar but even with the extra folks there to see the race it was closed.  I know it’s a French holiday today – being Assumption Day (whatever that is), but it’s also day 2 of a 3-day festival in the town.  I’d think that a local business could make a tidy sum on a day like today, but nooo.

The race consisted of four different groups, leaving at intervals, and following a circuit route 8 or 9 times around.

Partway through the race we relocated from near the start line to about ¾ of the way around.  There was a fairly long hill and some of the riders were suffering pretty badly on the last couple of circuits.  I thought one young fellow was going to collapse – he was making horrible groaning, almost crying noises – but he kept going.  It was really sunny and hot and I felt kind of sorry for the riders.8C11FBF7-DD11-4E5F-B562-C756EEE8A7E0Today was another fairly quiet day for me – I went for a short ride to Mouton via Monpaple – about 16 km in all.


0879F1B1-9A48-4B44-8D12-BFADDD51D822Colin had an appointment in Poitier so I stayed home with Mo – no getting out of the gate for her this time!

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