Company Riding

Yesterday was a momentous day – Colin got on his bike for the first time in 7 years!  We went for a ride first to Mouton, then around a couple of other small places, coming back home thru Monpaple.  

A5097C2E-0DD6-4DF5-926F-280DB41435F2We covered about 15.5 km in all, and it’s quite different riding with someone else instead of by myself.  I didn’t stop as often to take photos, and I pushed myself a bit more at times than I would have if I’d been alone.

38F76EEF-8AAA-4129-95F0-38CB9125EE43After the ride we took Mo down to the bar, which was open again after their little vacation.  The market was on, and the lady that knows Colin was very happy to see that Mo had been found.  Everyone in the bar also knew she’d been missing so they made even more of a fuss over her than usual – she lapped up the extra attention, of course.

2BA0E998-93AC-43B2-9D04-BDF14AEA2447Had a lovely steak with roast potatoes for dinner.

Went for another ride with Colin this morning, this time going north to St. Groux, over the river to Chateaurenaud then on to Fontenille.  Eventually came home again thru Monpaple and stopped at the bar for a coffee. Colin got a fair amount of attention as we were, of course, in our riding clothes.  Everyone seemed very happy to see that Colin was riding again.

BD387B56-F331-476E-A9AE-70672ABFCDC3I went with Colin down to Angouleme to get a few things from Decathlon, as well as more groceries.  After lunch at home and a quiet afternoon we went back to the bar with Neil for a quick drink before dinner.6BF9827C-1BC1-413C-A6FD-F96185C44A4E

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