Flowers and Bin Paintings in Ruffec

Thursday morning was a bit foggy, and when it started to lift the sky was overcast, but we went for a nice bike ride anyway.  At one point I stopped to take a photo of a horse and her little one and they were somewhat uncooperative – while I was waiting for them to lift their heads Colin got a bit ahead of me.

4C864A67-12B7-4465-AFA1-DFA0E06DF9BEWhen I gave up trying to get the horses to pose for me I couldn’t see Colin anymore but by now I know my way around enough that I got back to Mansle ok.  I really like the long straight downhill now – my biggest issue is to keep my shoulders down and not clench up so much. I still haven’t gotten over 50 kph again but 46 is still pretty fast (for me).

Stopped at the bar for a nice coffee – Alain was there but was just about to leave.  Later in the afternoon I took Mo for another walk, and stopped by the campground pub – every time I go there a different person serves me and the wine is cheaper – this time it was only 1 euro per glass.

13D1954E-8D81-46D5-8B81-2BE2BC6A4908Neil went out for dinner while Colin and I went to the bar for our pre-dinner beverage, and this time Alain joined us again for another nice chat.  Back at the house later we had spicy meat patties, and I made mashed potatoes and broccoli with cheese sauce – it was pretty good considering I haven’t made a cheese sauce in ages.

4368914E-643F-4633-9172-DE76C3119C4DFriday morning we headed up to Ruffec to check out the indoor market, but it wasn’t happening.  I’d never been in the actual city centre before and quite liked it – they’ve put in a bunch of large flower/plant arrangements around the main square in front of the city hall, and each one has at least one ‘bee house’.

8266E0ED-87E9-4F7C-9E7D-26C734B9ECB6There’s also some really cool paintings on the garbage/recycling bins in the area – Colin knows the lady that did them.


Later in the afternoon we went, of course, for a drink at the bar – Alain arrived shortly after we did and we had yet another really nice visit.  He’s very interested in old cars and knows a fair amount about them.

On the way home we passed two of the local cats – they both watched Mo but didn’t seem too bothered by her.  I don’t believe they’re strays as they’re always around the same gate/entrance to one of the houses.

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