Leaving Willie

No bike ride Tuesday morning since we’re going up to the charity shop for the last time this year. Willie had a good night – he settled right in with Colin and Mo and had a pretty good breakfast. I mixed some left-over chicken soup in with the crunchies Colin got yesterday and he ate almost all of it – Mo cleaned up what little he left.

2E7676BB-C719-42EC-820C-B1A772684C61On the way to the charity shop we stopped at Colin’s vet’s office in Ruffec to see if they could decipher Willie’s ear tattoo. We had been talking about keeping him if his owners couldn’t be found or maybe didn’t want him. He would need a doggie passport, microchip and rabies shot, in addition to finding out what was going on with his very swollen and infected-looking balls.

The nurse, however, did get the number of the tattoo and looked it up in her computer – that gave her a phone number and she called it but there was no answer. About a minute later the office phone rang and it was the owners – a conversation ensued and we, of course, only heard half of it and that was, of course, in french.

The owner said she’d be there to pick Willie up in 10 minutes – she lives in Lonnes, which is at least 8 km from where we found him in Mansle. He’s 14 years old and has a tumour that he was being treated for by the vet in Mansle. We left him at the vet’s office and continued on our way.

We were both a bit sad and just hope that the owners really do want him back and that he’ll have a good happy life, however long or short it may be because of the tumour. We wondered if maybe he’d been getting treated at the vet’s in Mansle and had escaped from there – it was only a short way from where we found him.

78149CAA-131C-4910-85AB-A53B571B88C5Anyway, on we went to the charity shop. There were two new larger dogs there, as well as the shy one from last time. There was also a lady that had three very cute kittens in a box. After I had gone into the book room and picked out a couple I went back outside to hold and cuddle a kitten but they were gone. A fellow told me that two had been adopted and the other was taken home to its mommy.

3C7D86B1-73F1-4EA9-B39C-3F7D508642C5Got a look at the speed camera on the way home – it’s now covered in pink paint rather than the orange it was a couple of weeks ago – people just don’t like it! Stopped at the bar for a quick drink on the way home, then had a quiet afternoon and evening.

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