Mansle to Belfort, Belfort to Leutasch

We got decent start out of Mansle on Saturday – were one the road before 8:30, with bikes on the bike rack and the car completely stuffed. We went generally north east, including the sheep-loving area around Mezieres-sur-Issoire.

2CFE457A-D4A2-43F5-9B2C-8CDA55E7092AWe passed thru lovely countryside, many sheep farms, different kinds of cows, beautiful tree-covered hills. We turned more east a bit south of Dijon and ended up right around 5:30 in the town of Belfort, not far from the German and Swiss borders.

After breakfast at the hotel on Sunday morning we hit the highway around 8:15. A little northeast and we passed by the city of Mulhouse, then it was over the Rhine River and into Germany.

35B1A47F-535F-4CD3-A624-C5F9A2A0602AWe went north to Freiburg – there’s one whole area that has overpasses crossing the highway, and they’re covered with grass and bushes. Apparently they are so the cattle can cross from one field to another without getting frightened by the traffic – I thought that was so cool.

52342846-18B6-43E4-8A0D-54BDF26C51A9We then went southeast and past the beautiful Obersee Bodensee, a large lake that reminded me very much of home – nice wide valley, vines laden with grapes and trees heavy with apples and other fruit.


One of the towns along the edge of the lake must have been where the zeppelin was made or something – there’s mention of them all over the place, and even a statue of a child holding one in his hands.

27B07C59-B755-4359-8B82-97BB48C0391AAfter the lake we were getting more into mountains with fewer farms and more coniferous trees. We stopped in a village for a coffee – the building was just beautiful, with paintings on the wood everywhere – walls, doors, even the ceiling.

47C8F44D-D12D-4B36-ACCD-3082E7AFE16AAbout an hour after leaving the ‘Gasthof’ we entered Austria, and we arrived at our apartment in the ‘village’ of Leutasch around 4:30. We’re up in the mountains off the main highway just up from the town of Telfs.

A036BE9D-952E-4D50-B0BB-86C071216790We checked into the apartment, unloaded our stuff and drove into the next little town to find a place to get a bite to eat. We agree that the place we’re staying is just awesome, and so is the countryside all around. Our apartment has a full kitchen and large balcony, and there’s also a small balcony off of Colin’s bedroom. There’s a creek right between us and the main road, and also a nice looking walking/cycling path.

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