Dog Encounters on Interesting Walk

Got up fairly early after a really nice sleep – had a lovely shower and stayed home and did yoga while Colin went up to Leroy and Merlins in Perugia to see about getting a few things taken care of for the house.
Mo and I were just starting out for a walk when we encountered one of the many village cats – as usual the cat kind of ignored Mo so she ignored it. Shortly after we turned the corner we encountered Colin coming back from his trip to town. He dropped a couple of things off at the house, then we went down to the other bar.
After lunch at home we went for a walk on the road that goes up the hill above the village and around to the south. We had to go past the house that had the very scary dog I had faced down last May while walking alone with Mo. This time there was only one dog, and while it barked at us from its yard it never came at us on the road – the vicious one wasn’t around.
The weather was lovely – not too hot, but not yet cold – just beautiful countryside.
Partway along the road I suggested that we take a ‘short cut’ back down to Papiano instead of continuing along to the main road like Mo and I had done last time.
It turned out to be an ‘interesting’ decision. It was an unpaved road, but many of the smaller ones around here are. It went down through an olive orchard – they look almost ready for harvest.
But it wasn’t actually a road, it was a driveway, and there were once again dogs – two very little yappy ones and one much larger one. They seemed ok with Mo at first, then the large one lunged and seemd like he wanted to eat her. The owner chastised him and told us we were welcome to keep going down the hill, which we could see turned into a grass track just beyond his house.

We continued on down and the grass track kind of ended in another house’s back field. It was on a fairly steep hill but we could see a track on the far side – we crossed over at the top of the field and followed the side down until we were able to get onto the track.

We followed that for a short way, then the track ended and we hiked up a small but very steep hill that brought us to one of the alleys just below Colin’s house. Both of us needed a drink after our adventure, so down we went to Poppy’s.
Back home for dinner we had fried eggs with mashed potatoes and beans. Watched a DVD of an old Italian detective show called Zen, then fairly early to bed again.

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