Revisiting Trevi

Left this morning with Colin to go back to Leroy and Merlins so he could complete his business, then we continued on to the revisit the lovely town of Trevi.
On the way there the traffic backed up a couple of times – they’re doing roadwork in places, but the worst part ended up being a flat-bed truck with a digger on it that had ended up on its side across the right-hand lane and the emergency stopping lane and bashed in the barricade for several meters. It was leaking liquid from more than one place – I just hope no one lights up a cigarette nearby.
Miss GPS took us on a very strange route – if we’d been in the campervan we would have had a problem, but we got there in the end. It’s market day in Trevi and the large main piazza was partially full of tables and displays. We also noticed a lot of barriers up or ready to be put up.
We walked around the small market then headed further into the town to piazza Mazzini. This one has a fairly large grandstand setup – it seems there’s a festival coming up starting tomorrow and I guess they’re having a play or something.
We looked at the menu in front of one of the restaurants and decided to have lunch there. Colin chose the pork liver with roasted potatoes and I got the tagliatelle with boar ragout – both excellent choices it turned out.
Shortly before we were ready to leave a couple sat down at the table next to us – they were Americans and had heard us speaking english so struck up a conversation with us. They are using Perugia as a base for their holiday and the wife is taking Italian lessons – her teacher recommended this restaurant to them. It’s always a good sign when a local person eats at a place and likes it enough to recommend it to friends.
I had spied an ‘i’ sign on a building across the piazza so when we left the restaurant we headed over and it was, indeed, a tourist info office. The young lady inside spoke very good english and informed us that yes, there was a medieval festival starting tomorrow and there are all sorts of events going on over the next couple of weeks.
We picked up a couple of brochures, one of which had to do with the white numbers we’ve seen on a lot of the buildings and houses here. If you look the number up in the brochure it tells all about the place and its history – very interesting.
There was a beautiful orange cat with orange eyes sitting in a window looking out at us as we passed by one place – looking more curious than concerned.
We walked around a bit then back to the car – stopped in Foligno to get some groceries, and at a Decathlon store so Colin could get a couple of things. Back at home in Papiano we were both still stuffed from lunch so only had a bit of cheese and a few cherry tomatoes for a late snack.

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