Nice Rides and Gas Leaks

75C73176-5F14-4B00-BA21-2AB1BF3444C5It’s been several days of varying weather – from very stormy (especially at night) to blazing hot. We’ve gone on more than one really nice ride, including one day to see the ‘Dolmens’ which are burial mounds from about 2,000 years ago.
The next day Colin was out with the local cycling club while I took Mo down to the bar and visited with Peter (one of the brits). We saw a firetruck go by with sirens blaring and lights flashing, then a police car or two, and some utility trucks. As we looked up the street – towards Colin’s house – we could see several utility workers in their bright vests and hardhats going around looking for something.
When Mo and I left the bar we had to detour to the main road as they had blocked our path home. As I approached the house I could see that the medical clinic across from the house had been evacuated and all of the staff were milling around watching the operation. The utility guys had gone from house to house and were checking everywhere with their meters. I walked up to the police and they said ‘no no’ until I pointed to the house and they said ‘ok, but stay inside and don’t come out’.
I got inside and the power was out – they’d cut it to the whole area while they tried to track down the gas leak. At one point I went out on the balcony to get a better look at the action and one of the cops yelled ‘madam – back inside’ (in french, but I understood the gist of it). They eventually traced the source of the leak and brought in the heavy machines to tear up the road.

Another ride took us to Chenon to have a look at the war memorial, then on to Aunac for lunch. There’s a lovely little restaurant that has no menu, just whatever they’re serving that day. We started with a nice selection of buffet salads, then the main course of roast pork and rice – it was so tender it fell apart with the fork, and was very delicious. Next course was a selection of local cheeses, and lastly a dessert, which I as usual, passed on.
By day 3 of the gas leak they’d actually dug a hole about eight feet long, four feet wide and five feet deep. It looked like they’d replaced a couple of main lines with very fancy-looking new ones, then quickly filled it in and re-paved over it – job done!

The mighty Tour de France has started – watched stage one on tv, and looking forward to what we’re going to see live.

Mo has been farting a lot lately – not sure if she needs a change of food or what but we’re scared of lighting a match!

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