La Rioja

The morning was somewhat grey but not too chilly. Outside where we’d parked there were several goats grazing on the weeds, while their herder was behind the campervan with his goat-stick and cell-phone. He thought it was pretty funny that I was taking photos of his goats.
We looked at the maps and camping books and decided to head in the general direction of Burgos, choosing a nice sounding campground in the town of Haro, which is the capital of La Rioja – the land of cheap but very excellent wine.

We stopped first at a dump-site for the water just outside the town of San Vicente de la Sonsierra right on the Rio Ebro. There’s a nice large park with picnic tables and a great view of the medieval bridge.
One lady had two english setters that were chasing sticks – one of them jumped right into the river to retrieve it and the other had to be nudged and then had trouble climbing out. I think it was a large puppy while the other was more experienced.
After driving up the hill and through the town we headed a bit further to the village of Bastida/Labastida and stopped for coffee and some tapas. The coffee was very creamy and the tapas were tasty – salmon, sardines, and chorizo.

Leaving Bastida we found the campground in Haro and it was quite large and very crowded. They told us to have a look around and if we found some space that was great or if we didn’t we could leave. There were kids everywhere – weekend in Spain and half the country on holiday at the same time.
We found a spot and decided to stay at least for the night. We walked into the town and up the hill – very nice little place with absolutely everything having to do with the rioja wine. We found a nice cafe on the main square and had a drink – super cheap and very good, as expected.

And Haro is, of course, on the Camino trail.

The next morning we decided to stay another day and got out the bikes and the Mo-bile. We rode into the town and went grocery shopping, stopping again at the main square for a very large, creamy coffee.
Back at the campervan after Colin dropped off the food we took a ride along a ‘trail’ but it was very bumpy and we only rode about 1.5 km before turning back.
We had a drink at the campground bar, then back to the campervan for salmon and pasta dinner.

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