Lovely Najera

First thing in the morning I emailed Teresa to follow up about getting photographer’s passes for the Tour of Burgos – she responded that we can pick them up the day before the race! I’m so excited – maybe this is the start of something…
Before leaving Haro we took another bike ride – this time back up to Labastida that we’d passed through the other day. It actually was in San Vicente de la Sonsierra that we had the coffee and tapas on our way here, not Labastida.
Back near Haro I stopped to have a better look at the statues in the roundabout – once again the subject was wine.
We left the campground intending to stop at another one just a bit south at Santo Domingo de la Calzeda but we passed it by without even stopping – it was right on the highway and looked a bit dismal. We continued on to our second choice which was in the town of Najera – after several miscues from Miss GPS we finally found it.
It’s right in the town and is just beautiful – part of the site used to be a bullring, although it must have been a long time ago as some of the trees are very large and old. There are several other campers there – most from the Netherlands or Belgium, but we still got our pick of spots. It reminds me quite a bit of one of my favourite campgrounds which is the Rivercamp Aganovac in Blagaj, Bosnia-Herzegovina. It also was quite small and was in the middle of the town but I just loved it.
We got setup, including my tent, then went for a walk – it’s almost on the river and was a very short walk over the pedestrian bridge to the old part of the town. We walked around a bit then found a nice little bar where we stopped for a drink – lovely red wine for 1 euro a glass – I love it here!
Once again we are on one of the main routes of the Camino de Santiago – I’ve said it before: saint James really got around!
The next morning we had intended to go for an early ride but we were both feeling a bit lazy and not very energetic. I did do yoga, which felt really good, except I think I’ve pulled a muscle in my upper left leg – certain poses just don’t feel right and I have to be careful not to make it worse.
We did go back to the same cafe/bar for a coffee – the campground doesn’t have wi-fi and the cafe has great reception so I got caught up on a few things. Colin got a haircut at the little place right next door then we walked back to the campground for a lovely lunch of left-over salmon and salad.
After doing a bit of laundry-by-hand we walked back into the town in search of a supermarket. This side of the river – at least as far as we walked – wasn’t as charming as the other side, although we did find a grocery store. Steak and mushrooms for dinner tonight – roughing it again.8EA4D73C-AA29-461D-A55D-E966D70413DF

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