North to Sourdeval

We got going at a really good time – it was just after 9:30 when we hit the road. Since we weren’t in any great rush we avoided the main roads and had a nice relaxed drive, arriving at Tony and Helen’s house in Sourdeval well before dinner.
Since we had time Colin, Helen and I took Mo for a nice walk along the trail behind their house and into the town.
There are lovely flower baskets and arrangements everywhere – the town is very pretty.F6965A40-C0FF-4FBA-94E0-E086CC27F6BE
There’s an exhibit on in front of the city hall with photos from the war – the town was liberated by the Americans a couple of months after D-Day, and had suffered great damage, as did all of the towns in the area.
Dinner was excellent – roast chicken legs with home made fries, and we stayed afterwards for hours visiting. Mo was not happy, however, because since Tony and Helen have a cat Mo had to stay in the campervan by herself – we could hear her barking as soon as we left the house.

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