Tears in Dieppe, Joy in Farnham

Another nice breakfast with Tony and Helen, with more fresh croissants from town, then we were on our way again just after 10:00.
Heading northeast we once again took our time, stopping for a bite to eat along the way and passing through the town that William the Conqueror was from.
We arrived in Dieppe around 3:30 and walked along the promenade to a nice looking cafe where we stopped for a drink in the sun.
After lunch we parked along the seashore and I took a little walk to look at some of the memorials.

They love Canada here and the memorials are very moving – once again I cried like a baby before drying my tears and and taking some photos.
We left for the ferry just as the sun was setting.
Our ship left right on time at ten minutes to midnight, and was half empty. The food in the cafe actually looked quite good, but we each only got a small salad and a few fries. After eating we settled into the lounge chairs to try to get a bit of sleep but I knew it would be fruitless.

The chairs only reclined about two inches, and they didn’t ever turn off the lights. There also was a group of people sitting in some other chairs in the next section and they talked very loudly and excitedly the entire voyage.

We docked right on time – 4:00 UK time, which meant it was a five hour journey. As we were waiting for the door to open to the car decks I noticed a stack of forms that non-EU residents need to fill out so I quickly grabbed one so I’d be ready, and it was a good thing. The border fellow asked me a few questions, such as how long would I be in england and where did I fly into and when, but then said ok, handed my passport back and let us go.

We decided to get going right away to our next destination of Farnham, rather than get a bit of sleep first. It was a good decision as they were doing roadworks everywhere and it took us longer than expected.

We still arrived a couple of hours before our appointment so I tried to get a little sleep – I feel a bit zombie-ish. The bike shop opened at 9 but our appointment wasn’t until 10 so we still had to wait.
Right at ten we buzzed the door and Martin showed us in and took us upstairs. Colin had done research and had already picked the bike so we asked a bunch of questions and Martin made sure they had one in stock. It’s a beautiful Cube electric bike with a Bosch motor – so I can keep up with Colin and the Mobile, ha ha! We joke that it’s my christmas present for the next ten years, but seriously it’s incredibly kind and generous of Colin and I love it already even though I haven’t ridden it yet. It looks a lot like my Cannondale in size, shape and colour, and has fenders, a rat-trap and back panier holders.

It was going to take an hour ot two to put the bike together for me so Martin gave us a map of the area and we headed out to find a place to have lunch. Mo was still being carried most of the time, although the Rescue Balm seems to be doing wonders healing her foot pads.
Just after we finished eating the bike shop called – my new bike was ready! We hustled back to the shop and I got a little lesson on the workings of it from another young fellow, then we packed it into the campervan. We also took an empty bike box so I can pack up my beautiful Cannondale and take it home when I go back.

When we got to Worcester we were both quite tired, but we unloaded the campervan and plugged my new bike in to complete charging. Colin took a quick drive to the Bull and brought back some fish and chips for dinner. I was hungry and did enjoy the food, but was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open – early night.

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