Life in Lockdown

8E3E4233-A960-4B51-AA78-1AE29A9F98F2We’re still under lockdown, of course, but managing nicely.  We have good food and beautiful weather, but are staying close to home.  I always carry my passport now when I leave the house, and we’ve gone on some nice long walks in the surrounding hills with the dogs without straying more than a couple of km from the village.

998E278B-BD59-472A-8829-5EBF4A7A1C6DFC71F9A0-A044-42FA-AEAC-6D624E249FDEOn our walk today we actually saw a carabinieri (police) but they didn’t stop to ask us for our ‘form’.  There are only two cases of the virus anywhere near us – one in Deruta and one in Marsciano, so we feel pretty safe.

6E76B260-61C2-44A3-BFBB-A2F7FE5B2DF8We saw our neighbour Angelo today and asked about his neighbour Rita, who is older and feeds Chairman Meow when Angelo is out of town – he says she’s ok and he takes her a few groceries, etc as she needs them so she doesn’t have to venture out to the store.  Neighbours looking out for each other – simple concept!

796F5651-A6A3-4ECD-8620-48D96434BAA9Everyone seems pretty calm in and around the village and the surrounding area – folks are pruning their olive trees, tending their gardens, mending stone walls, etc – no panic to be seen, and still no bare shelves in the little Conad store – not even a shortage of toilet paper.

028FD05B-92FF-4D7C-8085-64E374F9C161Ok – someone has to explain that to me because I’m having a hard time believing that TP is the most important thing to hoard – personally if I was to panic – and I won’t, I think I’d rather have food!

1CE4AF27-988B-4FCF-86EE-901A8C618079I’ve been using the new Nikon much of the time recently but went back to the Canon on our walk today just for fun.  I’m very pleased with the photos I’m taking from both, although I do need to learn more about what the Nikon can do.F651D996-1145-4376-8365-98C15FF932E2

2 thoughts on “Life in Lockdown

    1. That is my friend’s new rescue dog Henry – or actually Henri, as he was from a rescue centre in Thouars, France. He’s very sweet and gets along very well with little Mo, who was rescued about four years ago from a shelter in Ireland. I’m glad you like the photos – it’s hard to choose what to post as there are so many scenic places around here.

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