Andra Tutto Bene – Our True Nature

B294E56D-ABCA-4C21-9702-BC43EED2232CWe had planned to ride our bikes to a larger town just north of us to get groceries, but discovered that my front tire was completely flat.  Upon removing it we found a vicious thorn about half an inch long, just like a spike – ok, Colin found it while I supervised. Ok again! – Colin found it while I watched helplessly and tried to keep the dogs out of the way.

The patch-job didn’t quite work so we gave up for the moment and drove to the store.  Upon arriving we got in line outside the store – everyone at least six feet or more from each other.  It took 15 or 20 minutes before we were allowed in, as only four or five customers were allowed at the same time, and it was a fairly large store.  

8B045539-9E64-4C26-92BD-BC310A8F2982We picked up some fresh local veggies and more excellent meat from the butcher – he remembered us from our last visit and we got some lovely lamb chops as well as a nice roasting chicken, a steak and some ground beef (I’ll never be a vegetarian!).

We kind of expected to see some empty shelves, but no – here in the heart of coronavirus country we haven’t seen or experienced panic buying or ignorant hoarding of anything.

B1F84B47-9E8F-4E6C-A52D-1F3956642DB7We’ve taken the dogs out every day for nice longwalks – one of the few things we’re still allowed to do.  Even recreational bike riding is now forbidden since if you have an accident you would be taking precious emergency resources away from a completely overburdened medical system trying desperately to save coronavirus victims’ lives.

2F531EDE-988E-4F63-BB14-B0B6DA0363DBWe consider ourselves very fortunate to be where we are right now, despite the fact that we are right in the middle of Italy – or maybe because that’s where we are.  We’re in a lovely, comfortable little house, we have a great outdoor space, and are nowhere near a big city. The village is coping very well and the small Conad store here hasn’t run out of anything (although thanks to me they’re getting low on a certain kind of vino rosso) – could be much worse!

9346A352-6298-45DB-ABDE-F8E1B964368BIt’s gotten warm enough to put the patio furniture out so I spent a couple of hours this afternoon sipping some local red and reading online about the idiots in the UK and US – not just the citizens but especially the incompetent leaders – oh my god!!

Adversity brings out our true natures – we need to bring out the best in ourselves and each other. Pray for us in Italy and everywhere – whatever prayer is to you or whatever you believe in give it now!  Only good, kind, loving and positive thoughts and actions will help – thank you – from ‘the red zone’!

BACBE8D2-E993-4449-985A-247C041C9F44On a lighter note – I hardly ever take selfies, but this is me on our terrace – not bad view behind me, right?

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