Life from the Terrace – with Ticks

DF65E450-D94B-4CDF-90ED-87CCA373969DSo – not much new here – still no bike riding, staying at home and only going out to walk the dogs or get groceries.

94AC70D6-A5F4-43E0-A3DB-D482177A5F94It must be tick season here –  after every walk now Colin is picking tiny little ticks off both of the dogs.  They must be picking them up from the grass along the sides of the paths we walk on.81830D0C-F112-481D-A8AC-57941438D04BI’ve made a menu of finger-foods for Colin’s upcoming birthday, except the party will have to wait until the lockdown is lifted.

4A04C8C9-17ED-4583-B505-95572AAE7FEEI found a very nice pita bread recipe, and it has come out pretty well both times I’ve tried it.  I’m unable to make hummus as we haven’t yet found any tahini, and tzatziki isn’t happening because Colin can’t tell the difference between a cucumber and a zucchini – haha!

1ED45BB3-3CC2-4ACF-82ED-C04168C3347COn our walk on Easter Sunday we saw the white dove/pigeon again – he was in the pigeon lady’s yard – hopefully he won’t be in her dinner pie.

A930EABE-1B60-4651-A9B7-5C6C48363713Several of the local folks have gotten together – while keeping safe distance from each other – and are clearing a large area just below the medieval wall  of brush and sucker trees. They’ve been hacking, weed whacking and burning for two days now and the area’s looking a lot tidier.

6BB402E5-4E69-4F5D-8FFD-DA7FEFF39CE0My sun rash came back with a vengeance so I had to go to the pharmacy the other day to get some more cortisone cream – after several applications it’s finally starting to recede.  Luckily I’ve been very good about covering my shoulders and upper arms, and wearing my hat so it’s only been the backs of my lower arms that got hit.

E0C58935-570D-4623-B6A3-3BC6C4644FB0We read about what’s happening in other countries and are pretty happy to be where we are right now.  At least we’re not in the UK, or even worse, the US – I seriously think that Trump is trying to start a civil war there!  I sometimes wonder what drugs he’s on – is it coke, or maybe snorting adderall? Whatever it is he’s completely incoherent in his daily campaign rallies – oops!  press briefings – and I just wish he’d shut the f-up and people would quit paying attention to his ignorant blatherings – if only!0E7264E9-D64B-426B-B02B-3A9C29611195

2 thoughts on “Life from the Terrace – with Ticks

  1. You don’t need tahini to make hummus, you can just leave it out, or replace the flavour with a splash of sesame oil. However, it’s really easy to make tahini if you have sesame seeds and a food processor. I always make my own. My husband was going to spend his birthday in Lisbon, instead I’ll be whipping up a compensatory dinner.


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