Hanging Out and Hanging In

BA5B4E85-03FF-4B1A-9846-3A7F243A4EEAMore of the same for the last week – nice sunny days, a few rainy ones, and a bit of fierce wind – dog walks and meals are the highlights.  We feel very fortunate to be where we are right now.

429775BA-8CD4-42A1-8632-B9B19153664600936B29-928E-4E6C-AF31-BF5EC9B0484614D51974-92D7-48CC-BEDE-8A9419E691B7Another work-party of locals continued to clear the choking vines and weeds down below us – when we went to have a look we were offered homemade donuts – we’re almost like locals now!

001CDBF1-803A-4835-AD70-850D8F4B6BF503F5467A-16EC-487E-8331-C855746688F1Some good news this morning – we might be able to start riding our bikes again a week from now, although we still won’t be able to venture outside the general area –  the ‘commune of Marsciano’.

9354D25D-D959-4218-93F4-7E4826E21362992ECCDD-2B83-4490-BB3C-B5A8A06839367A6C41B7-9934-47E9-B5D8-9BC370836A45Chairman Meow apparently has a new ‘brother’ but Angelo says they don’t get along very well – we haven’t seen him yet as the dogs, especially Henry, don’t let cats get too near.

0F6249D6-6244-4E98-83CA-C6A842C59D50We still have to queue at the supermarket and almost everyone still wears face-masks, but hopefully the tide is starting to turn.

CFB7E621-15E5-4B50-BCCC-8D9462D1BF01I have a new pet spider – it’s on the fence of the terrace and spent most of one day mummifying a bee.E3E4D233-984E-4FFC-AA6F-D2D76A49006D


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