Full Moon Splendour and Bike Ride Mishap

6627E53C-8C94-4AB6-A927-677BE0213D3CThe last week has had a few exciting happenings.  First, we’d started going on daily bike rides again – yay!  We’ve taken solo rides in the mornings, as we have quite different preferences as far as the riding goes.  Colin likes to ride as hard as he can most of the time, while I tend to take more time and look at the scenery and stop frequently to take photos.  My bike also has wider tires and front suspension that makes it easier to handle the rutted and rocky back tracks better than his.

D9707CB4-C035-4E16-80FC-8C73D48F8B73Another unusual happening had to do with ticks – Colin showed me what I could have sworn was a grey pebble about a half-inch in diameter, but it wasn’t.  He’d taken Henry to the vet and gotten a tick collar for him, and it worked.  The ‘pebble’ was actually an engorged tick and when it was turned on its back the tiny black legs wiggled – very gross.

3640B744-6DAE-47D3-B9E6-DAE8D7E57483The next exciting thing was the full moon rising on Thursday night.  I’d looked up the time and approximate direction so we took the doggies for an evening stroll up the hill.  Within a few minutes we saw the first sliver showing just above Collepepe in the east, almost exactly where we’d expected it.  It was beautiful, and I did get some good photos, although the colour was much deeper and more spectacular in person.

4AE01F57-732B-4871-97AF-5285396B7979The last exciting thing wasn’t a happy one – Colin had gone for his morning ride and I was all ready for his return so I could go for mine.  But when he did return he told me there was a little problem – he’d hit one of the many potholes on the road leaving Papiano Stazione and taken a bad tumble.  In his sixty-odd years of riding (and racing) it was the only bad fall he’s ever had.

A passing car had stopped to help him, and the lady in the nearest house stuck her water hose through the fence so he could hose some of the blood off and assess the damage.  The motorist thought he should call an ambulance but Colin refused, instead riding the 2.5 km back home, with the car following slowly behind to make sure he got here ok – what a nice fellow!

8B8324C7-2F36-44F9-98EE-79D6D0AA85A0I was super helpful – I managed to not faint or puke when I saw Colin’s injuries, then went nextdoor to see if Angelo could take Colin to the hospital.  Unfortunately Angelo wasn’t answering so I went to the young couple’s house in the nearest piazza and luckily they were home.  Even though they were preparing for a family lunch – the first one allowed in about 9 weeks – they immediately agreed to help.  Simone came right up to the house with me and escorted Colin to his car and off to the hospital in Perugia.  Marsciano is much closer, but apparently the hospital there is now exclusively for covid patients.

Simone stayed at the hospital for hours, only leaving after making sure they would call him as soon as Colin was fit to leave, which was about 4 ½ hours after arriving.  Colin said that the hospital was great – one of the first things they did was take his temperature to see if he might have covid, then they cleaned his wounds.  The cut on his left forearm was the worst – apparently it was down to the bone and required six stitches.  Otherwise it was a bunch of road rash, and also a tooth got knocked out.  And thank god for helmets.

151D392C-E78E-4DFE-A9F7-519B2E4AF6A2A second dog chariot was ordered, and arrived the next day – now I’m eagerly awaiting the delivery of my new pasta making machine.  Another wonderful lamb roast was enjoyed for Sunday dinner, and spaghetti with cream sauce and truffles is on the menu tonight.C6016004-86B6-49FC-B63F-E8CDBBA9372F


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