Compignano, Henry gets a Haircut

77A705C8-9E4A-4C36-BED7-EA632B781E68We’re still sticking pretty close to home, although I have gone on a couple of nice bike rides, and we did take a drive to the nearby village of Compignano, which is within the ‘Comune di Marsciano’.

2EF33476-8979-4712-BBAA-6BB5E681672BCompignano is a lovely place, with the old part of the village on top of a hill, and dates back to at least 1240.  We walked all through it, and got some good views of the countryside to the west.

01EC464B-4EE1-4E60-908E-4CEB170C201414A06E49-F60C-4669-A39E-C9330DB2C47A2359BC8B-BE2F-4E1E-8ED9-D39BB70A677F15E73092-F296-49EC-8691-E28A66E518FFOn one of my rides I ventured a little further than usual, trying to see a little more of the surrounding area and villages, and how the back lanes and tracks connect to each other.

7FF2D5C5-AA33-47C3-B777-BFA474F57646On Sunday evening the folks that have been clearing the overgrowth below us invited us – via Angelo – to join them for a bit of food to celebrate their efforts. It was very nice of them to include us, and we brought mini-meatballs that I’d prepared for our dinner (they were a hit).

520AAFA2-53CB-44CE-8894-771F5A977442Henry got a haircut and looks very smart – its amazing how shaggy he was getting already.

1D887502-AD46-47E3-B19C-5BA8FBC7FBDEEach day we get to see one or two stages from previous years’ Giros – the other day we got the second-to-last day of the 2012 edition that Cdn. Ryder Hesjedal won.

6AAF4FC2-9726-457B-911B-9B4A6C25F9B7Yesterday some of the lockdown restrictions were eased so we headed down to the bar to say hello to Antonio.  He and his wife were there, but they weren’t actually open – they’re doing a thorough cleaning and expect to be up and running again in a few days.  He did give us a gift, however – a very nice bottle of red wine that he opened for us so we could sit on a bench in the square and have a glass – it was lovely.8E019989-DEDF-4306-A1CF-9088428E98B2

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