Loosening up a Bit, and Finally Tripping to Trasimeno

EE93CC17-22A0-489C-8833-08C727FDF650We’re enjoying the loosening of the lockdown rules, visiting Antonio’s bar daily for a nice cappuccino (or glass of red, depending in the time if day) as well as a trip to a garden centre up near Perugia.  We’ve finally been advised that both the owner of the cellar below us and the owner of the empty lot next door are wanting to sell so we had a look at some plants to decorate the expanded terrace area.  We also picked up a few hangers for some geraniums Colin had already gotten.

EE8C26A8-C0A6-45EE-B519-3BB654CEC3875E818897-A532-4F48-B7B6-1ACDAB2FF277We also went to the large sporting goods store Decathlon so Colin could get some tape to replace the mangled area on his handlebars from his crash – there was a fellow at the entrance taking everyone’s temperature, and several tables with hand sanitizers.  Luckily I still have my lovely lavender spray that I brought with me, and also everyone was wearing facemasks.

77718E50-578A-4E57-99F6-E6ECBB0DD4B7Mo and Henry had a little kerfluffle one night at bedtime – I think she gets a little jealous of him at times and feels the need to prove her dominance, although she’s barely half his size.  She happily spent the night with me in my room to keep the peace.

4B1F55EA-EA8E-4E48-A7A8-9F9E6C7261EBOne of the doctors that changed Colin’s dressings at the clinic actually has a small office in the village, right above the little Conad store – he visited her one day and got all of his prescriptions renewed.  When he asked what her fee was she said ‘oh no – we’re friends!’.  He did need a second round of antibiotics for the elbow gash, but the stitches were removed a few days later.

8065BD82-67FE-48FB-BD1B-480210F623F0I’m still going on lots of lovely rides, although trying to get out a bit earlier in the morning before it gets too hot.  Everything is so green and lush looking, and the air is so clear – it’s just beautiful wherever you look – bright, vivid colours and I am just loving being ‘stuck’ here.

D465512A-17B9-4B51-B046-F467F187AD16BD802E2C-99C9-4BC6-88F2-58490AF0520BThere was another gathering of the locals down below us who’ve been helping clear the overgrown brush – our neighbour saw me on the terrace looking out and motioned for us to join them.  We brought down some of my tzatziki dip with carrot sticks and a bowl of mixed nuts as our contribution – not quite as impressive as last week’s meatballs, but better than nothing.

B947F5A8-E8F4-4DDC-A64C-34B957F98178There’s also been a nice cleanup of the small park/memorial/fountain in the village square – they painted the benches as well as the inside of the fountain and it really looks smart.  It’s got to be one of the nicer village piazzas around.

85A584B6-10C9-47C9-B4E1-EB53B9382A4DWe took a nice little trip to Lake Trasimeno today and it was just beautiful – the water was a gorgeous green, although the dead fish all along the shore weren’t so nice.

657EC272-A8EA-4822-894D-6A2270B5E311755D3489-5F74-44CB-950D-E5720DF33AF2The little ferries aren’t running again yet, and there weren’t that many people about – especially screaming kids.  It was quite lovely strolling along the waterside promenade.DD4C8FD2-0DC4-4BD0-AAA5-32071A94FB17075C03F7-CA2E-44E6-8645-CAF5FBF09104AC26876E-C0F4-4F13-8688-46302813F4E7

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