The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – and that’s just Trump – ok Sorry, not any Good There!

F2A41FE7-F218-44AF-B26B-38EE2E1E2859I got back on the bike again 3 days after my little mishap – nothing hurts but I still have road rash below my right knee.  I’ve started to venture further and further from Papiano, usually going generally west-ish.

66C0500E-18AC-4387-8BB1-80D508E4D8FDOn Sunday I took a little trip to Spina and back – we’ve driven through it before but never stopped.  It was a nice place, and the cafe/bar on the main road was full of motorcyclists.

40753EA8-7C2A-4037-BABF-6CF0AF2E612B3AA4E379-6F3C-4E30-8E72-AD88819A5EA9FAD93EE9-9BF1-43F6-878D-65ADA7BD7254Yesterday I rode to Compignano, which is a lovely village we drove to a week or two ago.  Just a km or so before the village I saw a dog on the side of the road – I had a hunch that I better boot it so I pumped the assistance up to the max and started pedaling as fast as I could.  Sure enough the dog came at me, snarling and snapping at my left foot.  I was going pretty fast but he kept up for quite a ways – I was screaming at the top of my lungs, but didn’t dare try to kick at it in case I wiped out.  He finally gave up the chase and I continued on to the village.

7BAC5774-8782-495B-84EC-58658984EFA7Since I didn’t want to risk encountering the dog again on the way back I took an alternate route – a small gravel track that led to another village we’d driven through before.  Almost right away I came upon a carabinieri (police) car, but they just nodded and passed me by.  

6C1058D6-4270-4F3F-87DF-580B9C6CC2EEThe road ended up being quite perilous – very steep up, where even with the highest assistance I had to work very hard, then so steep down there were warning signs about the gradient.  After my wipe-out last week I decided to be extra cautious and got off and hoofed it down. 

C3FF5D6D-75E3-4DCE-9A85-1A48AF5AD602I was going to say that I pushed the bike down, but it was more like I tried to hold it back – it seemed to take a long time to reach the bottom, and felt like I was walking on marbles the entire way.

24BA48F6-6461-4116-B41E-AFFCC6BDB7C2This morning’s ride was a bit longer than planned – I haven’t bothered to hook my Garmin GPS device up yet – although I had looked at a map – and thus ended up missing a turn and found myself somewhere totally unexpected and confusing just after passing through Villanova.

00CEB124-3CF9-4D59-92BE-614AA3F23B16Rather than compound my problem I just turned around and backtracked home.  I did pass through some lovely countryside on the way, however, and just put on a few more miles than planned.

627C7F6C-EF9D-4639-8421-7DEBA2DAE83AThe weather has been very changeable – lots of sun, but also fierce winds as well as pounding downpours.  We’ve watched a couple more Clint Eastwood movies, saving the best for last – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – a classic for sure.

26380B24-EA1B-48DF-8564-6346600C8038We went up to Deruta one day and got some more clay pots for a nice new succulent and the geraniums – the patio is looking very colourful!

And – I finally have to say…USA – WTF!!!

90707E82-21B9-49C1-A220-B8177E3938B2You can’t solve injustice with hate or violence, and the USA desperately needs a leader that isn’t such an incompetent dickhead!F8407371-8044-401C-9F11-0E8A951A313B

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