Lockdown Lifted (a bit), Day Tripping

4BB014D2-6C04-4788-8852-841B7FF0DF2BLast week we took advantage of the slight easing of our lockdown restrictions and went to Ikea just outside Ancona on the Adriatic coast.  We had a good long shopping list and managed to get almost everything on it.  I debated leaving a trail of peanuts to follow back out in case I got claustrophobic in the maze but did make it to the exit without freaking out.

C03CDF97-5A62-45F4-B0E3-0D9BFB925EFEPutting the kitchen pantry/shelving unit together the next day was fun – kind of – and the resulting space and organization is very much appreciated.  I also got a huge wooden cutting board to roll out my pasta on and it’s beautiful.  I’m getting better at making pasta – or at least it’s not nearly so messy.

07FC8AD0-4410-4FE6-A349-B5E555BE305BWe’ve taken a couple of short trips for lunch at Il Ristoro at Lake Trasimeno, as well as one to Montefalco.  There’s some work being done on the highway that runs from Perugia to Rome and it happened that the exit for the shortest route east to Montefalco was closed off so we took another road a bit further south.  It was longer and wound more through the hills but we saw some very beautiful countryside.

21792D70-1408-4517-A812-BCC426CDB89339355AE7-B65F-4D19-A602-400F20640C37Not many restaurants were actually open, but we did manage to find one with a large outdoor terrace and a view over the plain to Foligno and Bevagna.

CBD86A36-DE9E-4B90-B7CF-F0B9A158A8C2 We were the only ones there until a group of old men began arriving – I think they were there to drink espresso and play cards.

7DC5BF3B-DDB4-448D-B274-B5254FBAA95E99641F43-6851-4B10-AA90-D6A2700215A3On our way back to the parking area we noticed a little pet house and a dish up against the high stone wall – we guessed it’s for some of the local cats.

38491D86-20CF-46B6-9C6F-F56A7813D2A4I’ve continued to go for nice bike rides every couple of days – I never really get lost and am getting to know the different back gravel roads better.

7D83F4CD-1E7C-427B-B8E7-2D0BC434352EC233DC2E-FC3E-44A5-B6BF-1A24D78D859FWe’ve had a couple more bad storms, complete with lightning and thunder – Mo barks every time the thunder rumbles, as if to warn it that she’s very fierce and it better leave us alone.

B8E7C7F8-B2A6-459F-AD7C-D9AD87296DB7Colin and I have both joined a local facebook group and have posted a few photos that are getting lots of thumbs up.  I imagine a few folks are puzzled about my name – real name vs facebook persona – but they do seem to appreciate my photography of their beautiful village and surrounding area.32307F6E-C1EA-4918-9366-1952EDB94400

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