TA Stage 6 – near Sappanico

We had a nice quiet night – the bells on the church didn’t ring once, let alone all night long.

We went into Senigallia for groceries then followed the day’s route along the seashore – they go up and down several times but we decided to go back inland a bit to one of the small climbs that they only do once.

We meandered a bit on and off the route, and finally chose a spot just outside Sappanico, which was good as they were already closing the roads.  After a quick bite to eat we picked our spots, and didn’t have to wait too long.

Yates was staying safely near the front in his overall leader’s blue jersey.

After the race passed we headed to a town we’d been at last year, although the route is different – as is the churchyard we stopped at.

Mo and I took a nice walk – the church is on a hill and there are some great views of the wide valley below and the towns on every hill.

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